Energy & energy work

Energy, in physics: the capacity for doing work. It may exist in potential, kinetic, thermal, electrical, chemical, nuclear or other various forms.

Everything is or has energy. The movement of molecules is energy. The sun gives energy in heat and light and vitamin D to keep us in a good mood.

Gravity keeps the universe in balance, the distance and movement of the sun around the earth, the planets. The cycles of spring, summer, winter and fall. Would it be energy based? Temperature changes, humidity, fog, rain and snow. Likewise, for the tides of our oceans and seas, are these also energy based?

So, do we agree that energy has different kind of shapes and forms, visible and non-visible? We see that the wind moves leaves and branches of a tree, but we do not see the wind itself. If we agree on that, we agree on the existence of energies we cannot see and do confirm their effect or impact on us and our environment.

Energy as a tool or instrument for treatments has been described in litterature and by people out of various cultures. Those cultures talk about Chi, Meridians, Auras, Chakra’s and how to balance or improve them. Some churches practice praying as a -self-healing connection. Is it a divine energy which makes these events of physical, emotional and mental improvement possible?

Fact is that on all continents, cultures have their -spiritual- rituals to improve wellbeing.

What I know is that energy, or a lack of energy, can be balanced and revitalized via energy work

The Traditional Chinese Medicine uses i.e. acupuncture to release blockages, to make the body and mind regenerate by reactivating the flow of energy. Like a dam in a river blocks the flow, the flow can be re-activated by ‘opening the shutters’. In the case of TCM – with the help of acupuncture needles.

In Ayurveda -based on the type of person you are- one can treat you with adapted nutrition. Fasting is used in eastern and western cultures ‘as a way to’ clean the body; toxins we have absorbed from food, drinks and our surroundings, are being ‘washed’ out. Can we call toxins negative energy?

Our own thoughts (can) have a negative or a positive influence on our wellbeing. Someone complaining all the time, doesn’t give the impression that he or she is happy. If we laugh and have a positive attitude, our energy level rises, and yes, we feel better!

When you feel balanced, you feel good, you lose no energy to negative things because your attitude is become positive.