Applications & benefits




Have a look into your wardrobe and see what you have and what you really need. Imagine you must take all these clothes and shoes in suitcases on your next holiday trip. I assume it doesn’t make you smile of joy. Pfff that’s a lot, that’s heavy.

Many things in our live we just collect and are not being used. Actually, they have become a burden.

Above described is a metaphor for many things or emotions we carry around, having impact on our mind and physical body.


 Energy work and hypnosis can help you to change.



Either starting or stopping with a certain behaviour you like or dislike. Hypnosis is a method for you to achieve this. Of course, you must really want to achieve it yourself! Participating because others tell you to do so, won’t be very effective.

Start or stop with behaviour which will serve you or doesn’t serve you anymore.

Find a reason why this change is beneficial to you. Just by being aware of that, the success rate is going up like a rocket.

Applications: Hypnosis is being used i.e. for stopping smoking, weight management (loss or gain), stress management, eliminate fears and anxiety, change of career, self-esteem, attitude towards ourselves, physical issues needing relaxation. These are some of the topics clients bring along for having a session of hypnosis.


Energy Work

Especially effective for balancing and aligning your energy flow. More and more the traditional medical world is recognizing the benefits of meditation, breathing techniques, Reiki, balancing methods of self-empowerment. People discover more and more their beneficial effects and find access to those complementary treatments and methods.

Applications : People I have had on my table or chair came for different reasons, either for physical or psychological issues.

Energy work can be helpful for balancing your body, mind and soul.


Akashic Records

Areas that may be considered during a consultation:

Life purpose - What did you choose to learn in this lifetime? What thrives you? ⁝ Relationships - How can you create love and fulfillment in all of your relationships? ⁝ Couples counseling - How can you learn to live in peace and harmony with your partner? ⁝ Releasing blockages, addictions and conflicts - How do you unknowingly create conflict? Why do you constantly experience the same unwanted results? ⁝ Health issues - What is the real reason for the illness? How can you let go of it? ⁝ Manifestations - How can you create the life you desire? What keeps you from creating the wealth you desire?

At the end of your consultation, after you have gained awareness of the reasons for your challenges, you will receive "tools" to help you manifest new, healthy patterns in your life. 


Being balanced…


When you feel balanced, everything in your daily life is easier and more relaxed. You feel little or hardly any pressure and suddenly you conquer and manage all daily tasks at ease. You feel that you are in control or being the master of the situation.

If this is the result, external influences are not attaching or gluing to you as they did before. Your vocabulary is changing from “I must have” to “gratitude for having”.


How often

I support and belief that everybody knows what to do –or stop doing- to improve or regenerate himself or herself. When we look in the inside of us instead of looking only towards the outside world, we will realize we already hold the answers in us.

I agree, sometimes we need a little support to make it happen.

This support can be mirroring or sparring to have the chance to look a different way to the reality of today. Or, just go for it via a hypnosis session or energy treatment.

All treatments could be a one-shot approach, partially depending on your list of desires and choices. When the list is longer, more than 1 session might be needed.


In addition

Energetical treatments and hypnosis, the role of nutrition, walking, contact with nature, phytotherapie, emotional and social contacts: all these are being subject of research, showing that all are very supportive and beneficial for our health, our immune system, etc. The latter is vital and legitimate. The result of this research is that, though step by step, the regular/traditional medicine is more and more open towards what they now call complementary medicine (previously called alternative medicine). The goal is not to replace the traditional medicine, but to combine all available and beneficial for the client.