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It has been quit some years now since starting to work with energy. Meanwhile being the manager of a 2-Michelin-star-restaurant; exporting products of industry world wide; followed by going back into the hospitality branch running resorts, health/wellness centers and taking care about hospitality services on high-end real-estate projects in Spain, Austria, France, Antigua; involvement in acquiring new project-developments in various countries; consultant for hospitality enterprises and most recently the pre-opening manager and general manager of a 120/150 staff luxury sport-health/spa- treatment centre in Germany. Having my Hotel School diploma, as well as a degree on wines (Vinologie), did my MBA course at the Erasmus University Business school in Rotterdam.

Still doing all this I did not feel complete, I had to use my abilities to become whole. So, I went on a journey, studies and travelling, learning, sharing and helping. To learn how to be in balance I did various studies and seminars to become and knowing how to get in balance: Silva-mind-control method , NEI (neuro emotional integration) with kinesiology, by Dr Roy Martina, Akashic Records, by Gabrielle Orr, Certificate energetical healing seminar – all 3 levels- by rev Alex Orbito, Philippines, Certified NGH Hypnotist, Montreal

For me it was a must to understand my intuitive senses. So it led me to do all these discoveries in not only Europe but also in Asia (Philippines) and in South America (Brazil). Step by Step starting as a boy of 10 playing with energy like my father did and discovering this part of me during life itself and studies as listed above. For these reasons I was assisting at least 30 occasions in Europe and travelling to the Philippines 20 times and Brazil 2 times just to learn and understand as much as possible.

All experiences and studies are connected to the same path of unity. Following one, leads to the next one, giving content and expertise up to the moment of today. This content of experience I like to share with you!

I am happy and grateful for your trust to joining you towards life-balance.

Martin Veen




Silva-mind-control method ⟶ (certificate)

Akashic Records, by Gabrielle Orr ⟶ (certificates)

N.E.I. (neuro emotional integration) with kinesiology, by Dr Roy Martina ⟶ (certificates)

Energetical healing seminar – 3 levels, by Rev Alex Orbito, Philippines (certificates)

Hypnosis, Certified NGH (The National Guild of Hypnotists), Montreal (certificate)