“I met Martin in the Philippines and I am happy that I got to know him as a healer. For me it was an honor to organize a private healing session in Bulgaria and to witness the change in the people who attended. Martin can see clearly the true cause of one's suffering. He manages to cut out all sources of harmful energies and to help any human being open up to their true potential.”

Maggie Aleksandrova

(Social Media Manager & Digital Creator)

“Martin, amongst others therapists, came to practice «energetic’s surgery» in a workshop offered to our guest. Having personally tested it, I can tell you that the first look you do get once meeting Martin is definitively approved once you are under his hands: there is a lot of energy into him. Trough his natural gifts, you’ll be able to experiment that once precisely and consciously directed, energy can build, certainly, but also erase matters.
Trough his clairvoyance he’ll help you to understand the cause of some patterns and hopefully, if chosed so, not perpetuating them...
Despite being yummy at due time, the ones looking for a soft Swedish massage are going to be strongly disappointed here.”

Alex Coudray

(Naturopath and manager of Hidden Dragon Lodge, Switzerland)

“ I write to express my thanks for the treatment. I feel much better. More energetic, better attitude, my mind and body responded very well. I am amazed by the difference inside of me. I am calm, focused, in a space of gratitude and hopeful. It’s a nice feeling. ”

Karima, Montréal, Canada

“ Coming for an energy treatment to Martin Veen, I was under a tremendous amount of stress! And very soon it became apparent that the practitioner, through insight into my state and life situation, was resolving tensions and streamlining energy flow in a most beneficial way. My stomach and muscular tensions disappeared, leaving me revigorated, yet calm! ”

Rev. Karin Reimers, PhD